Why I should be a member of NJAEOP?

  • UNITY & SUPPORT - Secretaries and other office personnel found that the most effective way to improve image and advancement is through a collective effort. Strength in numbers!

  • NETWORKING - By belonging to NJAEOP, you can make important contacts with people in your profession. These contacts can provide you with insight into how others are handling their job and careers.

  • INFORMATION - As a member, NJAEOP provides you with information through the HORIZONS and BULLETIN BOARD newsletters and offers career building and personal growth workshops at the Annual Conventions in November.

  • PDP - NJAEOP affords you the opportunity of achieving professional growth through the Professional Development Program (PDP) by taking mandated credit courses through your local college or online so you can qualify to receive PDP certificate(s) at three different levels. Many school districts are now providing stipends for those who have obtained a PDP certificate with amounts increasing with each subsequent advanced certificate.

  • TUITION AID – NJAEOP offers the Mary Skidmore Scholarship to members and their families.

  • RECOGNITION – NJAEOP recognizes their members upon a 25 year service anniversary.

  • PSP – NJAEOP members can enroll in NAEOP Professional Standard Program (PSP) providing the opportunity to enhance professional competencies through academic programs, conferences and institutes. These incentive activities enable members to take progressive steps to their desired professional growth level and further boost salaries.

NJAEOP is YOUR professional organization!!!