Professional Development Program

Offers Certificate(s) for

Completion of OPTIONS I, II, III

(Stipends available in some districts)


Professional Development Program (PDP) participants have spent many hours in the classroom to earn their certificates. They have two main goals: personal satisfaction and a commitment to continued professional improvement. The NJ school districts that have granted tuition reimbursement and/or stipends for PDP certificates have recognized this commitment. NJAEOP greatly appreciates their support and encouragement.

Since its organization, NJAEOP has promoted professional growth and development. In 1965, the NJAEOP education program began with adult education courses instituted in many public schools throughout the State.

The NJAEOP Professional Development Program (PDP) is a voluntary program which promotes college level courses of particular interest to office personnel. The first PDP certificates were awarded in November 1976. The program is served by an Advisory Board whose members represent important segments of the educational community.

For more information contact: Joanne Duncan, PDP Registrar jodeeduncan3@gmail.com


JoAnne Barbieri